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Our main character Foxy is here! Scream until he hugs you! Throw your hooks in the air like you just don't care! Ya-har! If you want to help out, make sure the things you add are all about Foxy, due to the fact that the wiki is all about our Favorite Pirate Fox! Be sure that you do not add anything that is not about Foxy, or the page may be deleted.


I've Got Me Eye on You!

Okay, as we're all fans of the Pirate Fox, but only directly from Five Nights at Freddy's. We're not looking for any other Foxy, such as a humanoid Foxy, kitsunomimi Foxy or other fan renditions. Funtime Foxy and Mangle are canon Foxy though, so feel free to include them! If you have a question, ask! We don't bite...Not Since 1987!