F4XY's full body

Gender Male
Age 13
Eye Color Yellow
Fur Color Red
Teeth Shape Sharp
Aliases Fourxy
Species Animatronic Fox
Position Artist, Avatar
Status Alive

F4XY, dubbed as "Fourxy" to read his name better, is an avatar of Foxy. He is never put in any one of the games.

Appearance Edit

F4XY is a big red robot fox, much like Foxy. His upper side of his arms and legs are part of an endoskeleton's, while the rest are his costume. F4XY seems to have a screw for each of his ankle jaw between his upper and lower jaw, to help him to open his mouth better.

F4XY has big hands and feet, but his fingers and toes are smaller. F4XY has sharp teeth too. His endoskeleton eyes were seen before for less creepiness.